Unleash your athletic potential and become an RTS MONSTER

At RTS, Our Sports performance program is specifically designed for 2 different age groups

  1. Athletic Development- our sports performance program designed specifically for athletes 13-16 years old. These are generally our late middle school/high school athletes.

  2. Elite Performance- Our Sports Performance program designed specifically for athletes 17+ years old. These are generally our high school seniors, college or professional athletes.


At RTS, Your Athlete will:

  • Develop speed, agility, strength, power and all the necessary physical qualities to reach their physical potential and become a stand out athlete in their sports.

  • Develop self-confidence, self-esteem and a maturity that will help them to become stand out leaders on their teams, in their class rooms and in their communities

  • Develop the stability, mobility and movement skills necessary to decrease the likely hood of unnecessary injuries that so many athletes suffer from. 

  • Develop a healthy relationship with proper exercise, training and nutrition that will benefit them for a life time.

  • Have fun while developing all the physical and mental qualities necessary to become the best student athlete they can be!


Here's what you get...

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  • 60-minute comprehensive physical evaluation- At RTS, our unique evaluation process allows us to see exactly how your athlete’s body works. This lets our expert coaches design training programs specifically for the needs of your athlete so that there is zero risk of unnecessary injury from training, zero waste of time doing unnecessary or dangerous exercises, 100% productive and results based training.

  • Access to semi private Sports Performance training- Your athlete will have access to training sessions of up to 8 athletes at a time, run and coached by our team of expert sports performance coaches. Your athlete will be given all the tools, support, guidance and coaching necessary to train in a fun, safe, supportive and productive training environment that will help them to unleash their physical potential.

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  • Access to Speed & Agility classes- Your athlete will have access to our weekly Speed & Agility classes specifically designed to increase their speed, acceleration, agility, reaction time and change of direction. Developing these skills will help your athlete standout amongst any team and become one of the quickest athletes on the field, court or ice. 

You also get...

Monthly performance testing: Your athlete will have access to our monthly performance testing sessions. These testing sessions measure speed, agility and power so that we can see exactly how well they are improving month to month. You and your athlete will receive a report card from each testing session to compare results and progress.

Nutrition Education: Your Athlete will receive nutrition education necessary to help create a health relationship with food so that they can fuel their bodies appropriately for their sports.

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