Not Making Progress with Your Training? It's Because Your Engine Sucks!

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Regardless of your training goals, the most likely cause for not reaching your next level is quite possibly your ability to do work- or should we say more work. Unfortunately, unless you are a complete newbie you can’t just keep adding weight, sets and reps to your normal workouts and expect a perpetual return.

What most people don’t realize is that if their work threshold is too low, training tolerance will never allow them to optimize new training volumes and intensities because restoration demands will never be met.

For many people getting back into the gym or returning from injury, the main problem often is that their specific skill (for example, strength) is disproportionately higher than their general skill set (work capacity). Using mainly strength methods to improve overall fitness can prove futile because of the underlying deficiencies that developed before resuming training. Since the aerobic system serves as the base for substrate recovery and repeated bouts of high output, if inadequacies exist fatigue will occur faster due to an over reliance on the less equipped energy brackets to handle restoration.

Simply adding more work within a session, or by adding more sessions throughout a week, will not guarantee getting closer to your desired goals. Keeping this in mind, here are four points that needed to be central to training:

1. Restore weakened or lost motor skills that provide a supporting role to core lifts and goals

2. Increase work threshold

3. Prepare the body to regenerate effectively after increased training demands

4. Be able to train more often- more times to train = more times to improve!

As we prepare for 2018, we hope these tips can help you to achieve your goals.