In Their Own Words: Melpo V


"I’ve grasped the idea of wanting to workout versus having to workout."

  When I first started out I really just wanted to lose weight. I knew I was out of shape and I wanted to feel more like the me I was when I was still playing sports.  I have always been active one way or another but I stopped playing in college. I did things like Orange Theory, Kalya Itsines’ BBG with friends, intramural sports, and just running when I could but it was far from consistent. I also hiked and biked when I had time but, again, not consistently. 

   RTS has helped me build a routine and 100% added that missing element of consistency to the way I workout. It is now something that I genuinely look forward to.  It is a really unique place where I simultaneously feel comfort and challenge. I am able to push myself and learn what I am capable of in a really safe and nurturing environment.

   I’ve lost 8% body fat and I am just significantly more confident in my own skin. Aside from the physical changes (which are awesome) my entire mindset around working out and weight training has changed.

   Since being at RTS, I’ve realized more of what my body is capable of and how I can challenge myself. My goals now are a little more specific; I want to run a half marathon this year and be able to do a pull up. I also want to keep chipping away at my PBF and make it to RTS 4-5X a week.


scott tribby