In Their Own Words: Jessica R


"When i leave the gym and accomplish what I set out to do that day the rest of my day seems that much easier to tackle."

 Unfortunately working out was never a priority that I made for myself, and so it was very inconsistent. I would blame it on family obligations and lack of energy having returned to work full time. I was notorious for starting something up and not sticking with it, I didn’t really enjoy the gym atmosphere to be honest.

 When I first joined I was concentrating mostly on fat loss and doing so in the semi private and passport setting. I had asked for a program that focused on leaning up specific body areas that I had a hard time with after having kids, a changed metabolism and not being as active as I had when I was younger. My latest program was designed to help with conditioning and strength. I am more concerned now with maintaining muscle and flexibility. Overall I went from concentrating on the numbers on the scale to how I look in clothes and feel overall on a daily basis.

RTS has trainers who know what the hell they are doing, simple as that. They are experts in their craft and build on that knowledge continuously. I cannot stress how important that is especially for those people around my age who need to be shown proper form and technique to avoid injuries. My body is not the same as when I was 20, I feel things differently and the slightest adjustment when I am doing a deadlift or kettlebell swing means recovery after workouts is smooth and pain free. When my knees are bothering me and I can’t perform one of the  exercises in a class, they have options ready for me. When I am not pushing myself with enough weight they call me out on it.

When you work out consistently you have more energy and just feel better about yourself overall. It affects your mood, your skin, and hopefully trickles down to how you eat and treat your body. My kids workout here as well and as young athletes they also need the same guidance and wisdom when training, hands down it is the best around by a long shot. I am hopefully setting a good example for them that you don’t stop taking care of yourself both physically and mentally when you become older.

I feel strong and the more I workout the more energy I have. I can get through my days without feeling lethargic and I look forward to that sore feeling I get after a great workout. I never much enjoyed the workouts before RTS, I just kind of got thru them because I knew I should. These classes and the trainers and the others who train with me make RTS one of a kind, it makes you want to go and work hard and keep coming back!








scott tribby