In Their Own Words: Jessica H


"This is the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in a bathing suit and I’m 46 so that’s really saying something!"

I worked out at Crossfit for 5 years before joining RTS, and since I've been working on getting over my fear of getting hurt and trying to lift heavier weights. I am seeing results without worrying about any long-term damage I may be doing to my body. and feel like I am working out smarter!

I have never had a personalized workout with a lot flexibility. Right now I am doing two strength days and one conditioning day plus I try to do one or two passport classes each week.  I am able to recover more quickly and workout more often, and I really like wearing the heart rate monitor while training.

I feel like I have more energy, my stomach looks flatter and my legs look a lot stronger. I really try to eat clean most of the time and I’m proud that I am setting a positive example for my kids.





scott tribby