In Their Own Words: Chris F


"It wasn’t until joining RTS and having a program customized to my needs that I realized I never really had productive workouts."

Before training at RTS, I trained at another local gym.  Most of my workouts consisted of body part splits where I’d workout one body part a day. After years of hearing about RTS, I finally started training here after a back injury.

The coaches at RTS definitely are the difference between the other facilities I’ve trained at.  They are all very knowledgeable and want to help.  With the coaches on the floor while training, it helps to create a supervised environment for training.  Bad form is quickly corrected and they are always encouraging. They can modify any exercise based on how my body feels a particular day, and my workouts are definitely more productive and I can see the results.

I still play competitive tennis, so when I joined RTS I wanted to maintain the ability of playing at a competitive level while also building muscle and strength. Corey has worked with me to customize a program that has been very effective.  I wanted to gain muscle and strength without losing explosiveness on the court. Every time I receive a new program, there are exercises that are new and push me.  I won’t give up at the gym, and feel that attitude of pushing through something that may not be comfortable carries over to my matches.  I know I’m mentally and physically prepared every time I walk onto the court thanks to RTS.

I think RTS helps me keep a positive attitude while outside of the gym as well. The training and nutrition has helped me channel my energy for times when needed. When I’m playing a tennis match and it goes three sets, I always feel prepared that mentally and physically I’ll be able to push myself to finish strong!










scott tribby