In Their Own Words: Pam M

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"I am now in the best shape I have ever been, feel super healthy (validated by recent dr. visit)."

   A year ago, at age 56, a three week trial offer for “women interested in strength training” popped up in my Facebook feed.  Having been a gym rat my entire life and recently completing my first ( and only) marathon- I finally felt confident enough to take the plunge into overcoming my fear of putting a dumbbell in my hand. 

   I heard strength training was critical in staying healthy and mobile as we age and the offer promised to help me “be the best I could be,” with a personalized journey and caring and qualified professionals.  Although I was pretty nervous, as I had never done any type of weights/ strength training before, I took the plunge. 

   And what an incredible journey it has been!  With the help of genuinely caring, knowledgeable, fun, and talented trainers, I am now in the best shape I have ever been, feel super healthy ( validated by recent dr. visit) and motivated to show up at least 3x a week.  When I began the three week program, I was convinced that I wasn’t going to actually be able to do the workout or have the strength to use weights.  How wrong I was.  I worked mostly with Andrew, Corey and Nick ( after Mary showed me the ropes) and everyone’s incredible patience, encouraging and supportive words and ensuring that I never did anything the wrong way put me on a path to incredible success!  And the encouragement and support continues even after a year of membership.  I love the fact that every 5 weeks I get a new program - keeps it interesting - and that there are group classes as well as individualized training.  I have made some new 6:15 am workout buddies and love the camaraderie and awesome environment!  And have even convinced my 24 year old son to join and he loves it too! 

Oh- and the results- incredible- down 10 pounds, went from 37.2 percent body fat to 31% and have never felt stronger or healthier in my life! 

It has been an amazing journey and I am so grateful to have found such a unique and awesome place and group of people to help keep me happy, fit and healthy for a long time! 


scott tribby