In Their Own Words: Donna U



"I was a member of a big box gym where I was just a number and felt lost."

   I didn’t realize that a late night impulse buy would change my fitness life forever.  For years, I have heard of Ranfone Training Systems but only knew of them working with athletes.  One night I saw on Facebook that they were offering a 20 day adult fitness challenge and I immediately signed up. I honestly didn’t even read the whole ad, I just knew I needed a change.  I was a member of a big box gym where I was just a number and felt lost.  I was bored of the workouts and lack of instruction as well as dealing with constant back pain for over 8 years. 

   Once I arrived at RTS, I knew I found something special.  I immediately fell in love with the people, culture and philosophy. Within days of starting the challenge my form was quickly corrected by the coaches.  I couldn’t believe I had been doing the exercises wrong all these years. I realized I had found a home at RTS.  Mike Ranfone and his staff of coaches are not only extremely knowledgeable on sport and adult performance but they also are fun loving, dedicated and only want the best for their members. 

  Since joining RTS, I am happy to say that I have been free of back pain for over 2 years.  I truly believe that the coaches are invested in my health and fitness goals.  Their no nonsense, hands on, results oriented approach puts them in a category of their own.  

  Now being in my mid 40’s it isn’t as much about vanity as it is the importance of being healthy and strong for my two sons. Serving as a positive example for them. 


scott tribby