In Their Own Words: Jim C


“RTS restored my interest in fitness and weight training, but more than anything it presented me with a new challenge, which I desperately needed.”

My exercise related goals when coming to RTS were to build muscle overall, but I also needed to lose some body weight and wanted to become more “all around fit”. I wanted to be able to move better, and wanting to be big at the same time was becoming conflicting. Before RTS, my training was a typical “bodybuilding routine”: I would train 1, maybe 2, body parts per day. Tempo was low, intensity was moderate at best. After many years of training with this type of routine, that’s exactly what it became, routine. I would train consistently for months, then boredom would set it and I would take some time off. Results were not too noticeable once I reached a certain point. I built some muscle, mostly at the start of my training, but plateaued fairly quickly and the results seemed to be less noticeable. I was training simply for the sake of training. 

RTS has gotten me out of my “bodybuilding” routine and training in a way that I never have trained before. Though skeptical at first, afraid that I may lose some size and muscle by not concentrating on the one or two muscle groups at a time, I decided to dive in head first and go for it. I figured if I’m going to give this a shot, I’m going to give it my all and train as hard as I can. I am now training multiple muscle groups on any given day and sometimes training them multiple times per week. It was immediately refreshing, I felt great every day, and am able to recover and hit it hard the next day. 

I have a program drawn out for me from start to finish. I don’t have to think about or decide anything…I am able to walk in the gym and just train. My focus is much higher and I am enjoying training again! As far as physical changes, I could not be happier. My results have been nothing short of amazing. My body weight is down significantly, my body fat also down significantly, muscle mass is higher than ever and still on the rise. I feel great and am easily in the best shape of my life. 

The atmosphere at RTS is maybe the most important factor in never wanting to train anywhere else ever again. Like most, I’ve trained in all of the typical chain/franchise gyms in the area. They’re crowded, cluttered with useless machines, with people talking and “using” areas/benches/racks that you now have to wait to use. I love that RTS limits the amount of people allowed to access the gym floor at a particular time and has just enough equipment for everyone to effectively use. Outside of that, the coaches that roam the floor are always willing to help or spot when needed, and are on top of everyone when they may be doing something wrong. Everyone has a program of their own and is productive with their time on the floor. It is a goal-driven atmosphere, everyone is in there with a job to do and i tend to feed off of that. You WON’T get that at your typical gym. 

Outside of the gym I can say that my training at RTS has mostly positively impacted my abilities while at work. As a police officer, I wear a lot of gear and equipment while working, and at my higher body weight it would impede my ability to move comfortably and quickly when needed. My uniforms now fit much better and I am able to move more comfortably while wearing all of the gear, as well as being much quicker on my feet when I need to be. I have less pain in my joints and feel more comfortable in my own skin both at work and at home. 










scott tribby