In Their Own Words: Anthony G


“Everything that I do inside of the gym has had an impact on my life outside the gym, including: lowering stress, increasing energy, and improving overall health-related habits.”

Before starting at RTS, my workouts were inconsistent and unfocused. I would go to a typical gym and lift weights by myself. There were no trainers around, just some kid who checked me in at the front desk. I would do a few basic exercises for my upper body and never did any leg work. I would use an elliptical machine for 20 to 60 minutes after that, just basically to sweat and burn calories.

RTS has given me a focused workout program, tailored to my individual needs and goals. Exercises are structured, balanced, and effective. There is now a reason for performing each exercise rather than just hoping to burn calories. There is a focus on using the whole body and not just individual muscles. Their expert trainers help me in all facets of the program, from learning new exercises, lifting with proper form, teaching about nutrition, and encouraging me to achieve my goals.

My main goal is to lose fat/weight and lower my blood pressure. What I’ve noticed is that all areas of my health have improved. I weigh less, carry less fat and more muscle, have more mobility, better nutrition, and more knowledge about the inputs and outputs that lead to these results. The goals have not changed since starting here, but the road to achieving them has become much clearer and easier to navigate.










scott tribby