In Their Own Words: Erin D


“I feel more confident in the way I look and feel. My clothing fits again, and I receive compliments on my physique.”

Before I began at RTS, I did not know how to work out. I would go to the gym and use most of the machines, not knowing which parts of my body to focus on. I didn’t see results, and wasn’t going more than one or two times a week. Additionally, what I didn’t realize was that I was hurting myself. I have had lower back problems for almost 10 years now, and what I was doing at the gym was actually worsening my condition. So all and all, I was not losing weight, not developing muscle, and hurting my back. 

RTS has completely and totally changed my workout regime. I no longer go to my old gym, as I prefer RTS over anything else. I not only have more stamina when I work out, but I feel motivated while at RTS (which wasn’t the case with the gym). Every time I come to RTS I feel like I have made a difference in my workout. I don’t “half ass it,” as I used to on some days at the gym. I get a fabulous workout and I know that I am not hurting myself anymore. My body looks great and I actually feel strong. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. My back is also a great deal better. I know what exercises hurt me and those that help. 

This program is 1000 times better than any personal trainer at some gym. Each coach is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of health, fitness, exercise, injuries, and overall lifestyle improvement. Every coach is genuinely kind, compassionate, exceptionally knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and thoroughly committed to ensuring that each client is receiving the specific individualized guidance that they need. Each RTS staff member knows each client by first and last name, and makes a concerted effort to make every person feel, welcome, confident in their efforts, and hopeful that they will change their physical and mental lives for the better.     

My exercise goals are to be physically stronger, look better than the previous years, and to be more committed to my physical health.  I honestly now feel more comfortable in a bathing suit, feel physically stronger and can finally say that I “work out.”










scott tribby