In Their Own Words: Chris B


“RTS has given me results and motivation like nothing else I have tried.  It has become a lifestyle change not just a temporary fix.” 

 I started at RTS the beginning of April of this year by joining their 6-Week Challenge….and it has been an extreme eye-opener for me! The education alone has been very helpful.  I used to eat a ton of fruit thinking that it is the best thing to eat.  I knew there were inherent sugars in them but did not realize how many carbs I was actually taking in daily.  I have become super vigilant in regard to what I’m eating and snacking on as well as when I’m eating these items.

The biggest change for me goes beyond the fat loss, muscle gain and increased cardiovascular benefits.  It is my mindset, my drive, confidence and the knowledge all of the staff have given me.  If you asked me to go the gym at 5AM 8 months ago I would’ve looked at you as if you were crazy, let alone do that before going in for a 24hr shift at the firehouse.  These days, you can guarantee I’ll be there at that time if I’m supposed to be at work that day.  Sometimes having to swap into the early time late the night before when I get overtime.  

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about how RTS is different than other gyms is “family.”  Each and every staff member goes above and beyond.  They genuinely care about you and not just what you’re doing at the gym.  Whether it’s talking about life or friendly banter, it always refreshing catching up with them.  Don’t get me wrong though, these guys/gals can motivate you.  I am my own biggest critic and these guys push me farther than I would push myself.  I am lifting heavier, increasing my flexibility and doing exercises I have never done before. I’ve learned to pay close attention to my heart rate and cardiovascular responses all while being precise with my rest times! 

As a career firefighter, training at RTS has prepared me mentally and physically to tackle the tasks and inherent dangers of the job I may face on a daily basis.   In my field, you never want anyone to say his/her training failed them or that they weren’t prepared for the situation.  RTS plays just as an important role as the daily training we do at the firehouse.  Always remember, “Trust the Process”!!










scott tribby