In Their Own Words: Jim F


   "You guys have taught me to recognize when I'm doing something wrong, and I know how to correct it."

   Before RTS, my workouts were all over the place, there was very little structure, if any. And forget about mobility work.   Structure is the big word here...I see my program as a road map to what I want to accomplish and there is no time wasted. The coaching has totally helped.  

   In the past my goals have always been "to be healthy." Being healthy is still a priority, especially now that I'm older. But I think I'm more specific about it. Things like conditioning so I could climb that hill on my mountain bike. I also notice that my goals are constantly changing based on what's going on in my life.

   Hands down RTS is the most unique place I've ever been. It's not just the programming that sticks out. Everyone is very professional and very demanding about doing things right and not wasting time. But you're all very welcoming and encouraging. I'm not just another number.  I always get a "hey Jim, how are you feeling today?" And I can tell you're sincere. The other members, young and old, make it a special place as well. Nobody is walking around with headphones in, ignoring each other.

   My confidence in the gym is so much greater.  For the first time in my life, I know I can handle the big lifts: I'm not worried about heavy weight on a dead lift or squat. I know I have the training and support to power through it.


scott tribby