In Their Own Words: Dave F.

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   "I show up because I don’t want to let myself, my trainer, or my classmates down, and when I am there I work as hard as I can for the same reasons."

   RTS has completely transformed the way I work out. My workouts are primarily resistance-based training, which has increased my strength and core stability tremendously. I am not as aerobically fit as I was when I was running 20+ miles per week, but I have not gotten injured at all while at RTS whereas I was getting hurt all the time when I was running.

   I have noticed big gains in every kind of strength I can measure. Core strength, leg strength, arm strength, grip strength, everything has gone way up. This is demonstrated in surprising ways, not only in being able to lift heavier things, but even stuff like being able to shovel snow for much longer without taking breaks. I’ve never been this strong. 

The trainers at RTS have encouraged me to continually ask questions about why I have the goals I have, and I am starting to realize that I didn’t run because I loved running, I ran for stress relief, aerobic conditioning, and heart health. And I would rather reap those benefits from an activity that I really enjoy if I can. Since I am enjoying the resistance-based training at RTS, I am trying to see if I can get those same benefits from that instead of strapping on the running shoes again.



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