RTS Member Profile: Erin

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“I have more confidence in myself to do the things I want to do, my body shape has changed, and I am STRONG.”


   My husband asked me to move a piece of furniture one day a few months ago with him. When we lifted it, his eyes went wide and said “wow, Ranfone.” He wasn’t saying it to make me feel good. I almost tossed that chair cross the room without him.


   Since graduating college, I was on the endless quest to find a “coach” and a “sport” to fill the void from swimming and rowing.  I was running to keep my head straight and my weight in check after a pregnancy in which I gained over 50 lbs and lost a tremendous amount of pride in myself (despite becoming a mother).  RTS has made me realize that there more to being fit than the number on the bathroom scale. I realized that life doesn’t begin and end with running for me, it actually begins and ends with the strength that supports it.  That strength is built at RTS.


   Everyone at RTS is there to work hard. I get a sense that it is a retreat for most of us to give something our all physically. It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood of absolute badass. I want to be able to do a push-up like a boss. After that I want to do a pull up like a boss.  This past year I’ve seen women do both and I admire them and their strength. I want to be just like them. 

    In May, I am going to run a Ragnar Relay up the Cape with 11 other women. My goal isn’t to run fast, but to run strong and in a state where I can enjoy the journey – injury and pain free after intense training.

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