The Goal is....

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The goal is to keep the goal, the goal.

The vast majority of the non-athletic training population do not have concrete goals.

For the one's who do have goals, often there are additional (often “hidden”) goals that might be competing with their stated goals.

Know your starting point, but that's the easy part. Determining the destination is more difficult, because it forces one to examine all of the reasons that they have decided to take this step. They must sift through both the objective, measurable benchmarks they wish to attain as well as the subjective, emotionally-driven reasons for why they are here.

After attaining positive, measurable results, many clients will still feel like there's something missing.  Often this is because they've failed to recognize some of the intangible reasons they choose to workout.  

Not every environment is for everyone.  Training requires a tangible goal and the desire to do what is necessary to achieve it.  

To workout for the sake of exercising is no less valuable than training, one must just understand that they cannot expect a specific set of results from randomized actions.

What are your goals for 2018? Let us help you with your physical and/or dietary plans for the new year and beyond.

scott tribby