Introducing Kinstretch Classes at RTS

Kinstretch Classes | RTS 

Kinstretch Classes | RTS 

What is Kinstretch?

At its core, Kinstretch is “a movement enhancement system” developed by Dr. Andreo Spina to teach people how to control their bodies and movements, increase range of motion and prevent injury. In other words, Kinstretch is about helping you become more mobile.

Kinstretch is designed for those looking to develop maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. By focusing on the basics of joint health, Kinstretch helps to create a mobile foundation and allows building from there.

How is Kinstretch Different from Yoga or Pilates?

On the surface, Kinstretch might look similar to yoga or Pilates. In practice, however, they are very different practices.

What separates Kinstratch from yoga and Pilates is the difference between “active” and “passive” flexibility. As Dr. Spina says:

“[yoga is]... largely a pursuit of passive flexibility, and basic human physiology states that you cannot achieve active results with passive training. The intensity is so low that a true strengthening effect isn’t being attained, since strength requires muscular efforts nearing eighty percent of a person’s maximum voluntary contraction. The body may learn to be more “bendable,” but the nervous system is never taught to maximally activate the muscles in the extended ranges, which is required for a sport...”

Training in very low intensity postures like in a yoga class does not translate into an increase in your ability to be able to maintain a high amount of neurological output in order to generate a lot of force in those ranges of motion. You are more “bendy” but your body does not have the ability to access this flexibility when in motion.

Kinstretch, meanwhile, allows your body to do exactly that. The science behind Kinstretch shows that proper practice increases the capacity to move by expanding one’s physical ability or flexibility, and then teaching the nervous system how to control those ranges of motion. The result: muscles that are now more usable in a broader spectrum of contractions and demands. Additionally, by training at the ends of these various ranges of motion, you are putting your body in a position to be able to defend itself when it gets there.

And so, it is this idea of “usable” versus “unusable” that is at the heart of difference between an active practice like Kinstretch and a passive practice like yoga.

Who is Kinstretch Good For?

Joint health is an important factor in your quality of life, regardless of your age. While it is great for athletes at any level (as evidenced by the increasing number of professional sports teams that are implementing the techniques), Kinstretch is really designed to benefit men and women of all ages.

What are Kinstretch Classes?

Here at RTS, we are happy to offer Kinstretch classes to our community. Kinstretch classes are group based, led by a Kinstretch-certified instructor. By implementing techniques that are based on science instead of tradition, the goal of Kinstretch classes is to improve participants’ joint health, range of motion and tissue resilience.

RTS currently offers Kinstretch classes two times a week. If you have not yet tried and would like to attend a FREE KINSTRETCH CLASS, simply sign up below!

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